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The team at JTW FIT helps clients reach their respective fitness goals through customized workout regimens. Our programs are designed to motivate and challenge clients, all while promoting the importance of health and physical fitness. We pride ourselves on helping individuals maximize their potential. All we ask is that you trust the process and put in work.

Jah Washington

Jahkeen Washington
NCCPT, USAW, Kettlebells, PROnatal

Jah is a passionate coach who enjoys helping individuals realize their physical capabilities and lead healthier lifestyles. His training style brings a level of intensity that challenges clients and keeps them engaged. He believes fitness should be both fun and results-driven. Jah has worked with various fitness levels and is confident his technique will provide clients with the tools they need to be successful. 


Thomas Boatswain

Thomas is a very decorated trainer who has been in the fitness industry for the past 5 years. His experience ranges from working with children to Division 1 athletes. Thomas excels at multiple levels of fitness ranging from strength training, SAQ, and boxing. His animated personality provides plenty of energy and motivation to help clients reach their goals. Thomas strongly believes there is more to fitness than just working out; it's a lifestyle. In his spare time, he continues to master his boxing technique.